Guest houses

''Ķekaviņas Līči''

Our guest house is the place to hold social events or just a good time. We are located 3 km from Kekava center, quiet and picturesque place, near the river and find Ķekaviņa. Recreation center includes:

  • a wood-heated sauna,
  • banquet hall with a fireplace for 70 guests,
  • the lodge rooms for 30 guests,
  • kitchen,
  • parking,
  • large outdoor area furnished with playground and gazebo,
  • a mini zoo with local and the exotic animals

Here you can view the collection of household antiques, or enjoy the fishing fun. Our mission – to ensure you a pleasant stay.


Address: “Līči”, Ķekavas pag., LV-2123
Tel.: 29971777

 ''Alejas'' Guest house

The Alejas guest house has comfortable double and single rooms, a banquet hall and bathhouse with Jacuzzi. It is located 200 m from the Daugava River.

Address: "Alejas", Priežu 5, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123.
T.: 26464583, e-mail:

''100% atpūta'' Guest house

The 100% ATPŪTA guest house is an excellent place to rest and enjoy nature. It offers sleeping accommodations (from 2 to 35 pers.), a firewood sauna, a chance to cool off in a pond or soak in a warm outdoor Jacuzzi (for 6 pers.), an area for barbecuing, a banquet hall (for up to 45 pers.), a well-equipped kitchen and a parking lot.

Address: Lakstīgalu iela 3, Baloži T.: 29334977

 ''365 Brivdienas'' guest house

Guest house offers pleasant relaxation and is suitable for any social event involving up to 60 pers. – anniversaries, corporate celebrations, graduations, weddings, bachelor parties.Sauna, a pool (heated during winter), sleeping quarters, catering and a fireplace room for conferences and banquets with karaoke and a music center.

Address: Lakstīgalu iela 11a, Baloži
T.: 67338130; 26522650; 29112851, E-mail:

''Kāli'' guest house

Rooms for banquets and festivities. The small bath-house has space for up to 40 pers. on the 1st floor, with sleeping quarters for 20 pers. on the 2nd floor. The large bath-house can accommodate up to 80 pers. Well-equipped kitchens so that guests can prepare their own meals. Enjoy a ride in a boat or on a water cycle.

Address: "Kāli", Ķekava,T.: 29229582; 29274801,

''Līgas'' guest house

Līgas guest house has a large hall and rooms that can accommodate up to 100 persons for celebrating special occasions or holding seminars. Sleeping quarters are also available.Guests can enjoy a cool swimming pool, a refreshing pond, wet bath and great music.

Address: "Līgas", Ķekava novads, LV-2123
T.: 29969500; 26552151, e-mail:

''Svelmes'' guest house

One bath-house has a pool and a hearth-fireplace in a room that can accommodate 20 pers.; it also has 4 bedrooms and a cafe. The other bath-house can accommodate up to 70 pers.; it has sleeping quarters for 50 pers., an outdoor Jacuzzi, trampoline, karaoke, and a parking lot. Svelmes can arrange ordinary dinners and special banquets.

Address: Katlakalns
T.: 67342910; 29172544, e-mail: